Grupo de Estudos em Transportes

16º Encontro do Grupo de Estudos em Transportes

Dear Participant,

The 16th GET annual conference will be hosted on Monday 7th - Tuesday 8th January 2019 inclusive.

Abstracts are invited on both completed research work and projects in their early stages in any field of transport, travel and mobility. We welcome research projects also on the interrelated field of logistics and supply chain.

Presentations will be assigned according with the following categories:

PhD thesis (ongoing or recently concluded)

Post-Doc Research (identifying main topic, future activities and plan)

Research Projects (funded by FCT or other institutions)

Master thesis (preferably authors who will continue this research along the PhD; Poster Session)

Published Papers along 2018 (to be presented in a Poster session)

Thematic session (Professor and Pos Doc researchers)

Presentation of research centre activities, main topics, interests, etc (professor)


15º Encontro do Grupo de Estudos em Transportes


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